Hello world

I’m glad you found this blog. This blog will be dedicated to¬†all things related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I’ve been fulltime involved in professional software development since 1995 as an employee of several software companies and as freelancer.
Since 2001 I’ve been specializing¬†myself in the nobel art of Microsoft .NET development.

As of 2005 I switched my focus on all things SharePoint (consulting, development, administration, infrastructure). Recently, I decided to step out of the comfort zone and switched to a new technology world (at least for me). I joined CRM Partners – marketleader in CRM implementations within the Netherlands – as a senior software developer / architect.

In this personal blog I’ll write down my personal experiences regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM seen through the eyes of a SharePoint developer.

I hope you get inspired and become as curious and excited about the world of CRM as I am. Let the journey begin….