A better SharePoint Connector – part 9: Improvements!

It has been quite a while since I completed the “A better SharePoint connector” series of articles. In part 6 of the series, I published the SharePoint connector source code. A good  and solid 1.0 version, but it was lacking some features….


I always wanted to say this: “Good news everyone!  I’ve published an update for the SharePoint Connector”.

What’s new or has improved in this version:

  • better support for SharePoint on-premise (impersonation is supported)
  • Item Level Security on files and folders, based on an array of passed in users
  • helper method to get the absolute folder url (folder root)
  • helper method to get relative path to file or folder inside document library
  • url handling made more robust

For your convenience, you can download the C# source code from here (published under the MIT license): File Attachment: SharePointConnector.2.0.zip (14 KB)

The SharePoint connector will grow over time. Happy coding!

2 thoughts on “A better SharePoint Connector – part 9: Improvements!

  1. Hello there! I think the code that you have written here may help me with a project I am working on to query the list of documents in SharePoint associated to a CRM record (in a specific doc library and folder), but I’m not quite sure how to implement what you have written. This is a C# / .NET WebAPI type app that will sit in azure between CRM and SharePoint.

    I’m basically trying to call the SharePoint online REST service to get the list of files in a folder.


    The trouble I am having is how to pass in credentials of a service account username and password, then run the REST query and process the results. If I call the REST I just get back a ‘401 UNAUTHORIZED’ error.

    Would it be possible for you to contact me via email so we can discuss?

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