The case of the missing Documents icon

Wow, it has been quite a while since I wrote my last post. Last months have not been easy for me. It was like I was lost at sea, therefor I had to make some difficult choices.

It costed me several months and it seems that I’m on the right track again. It feels like I can breathe again.

Time for a reboot, time to start blogging again.


The picture above symbolizes also the situation I ran in today, when I was working on site with one of our clients.

I was asked to set up the integration between Dynamics CRM online 2016 and SharePoint online 2013 (soon to be upgraded to 2016 online).

With an eye on the expected SharePoint upgrade, I decided to set up a server based document integration in CRM. After fiddling with the user rights (hint: the SharePoint global administrator account has to be the same as the CRM administator account), setting the SharePoint site in the Document Management Section in Dynamics is a breeze.

From there on, I started the “Manage Document Locations” wizard dialog, in which I specified what entities should have Document Management enabled. Following the wizard resulted in a number of SharePoint document libraries that had been created.

Once setup, I wanted to test the document integration. I navigated to the specific entity and created a new record. Once created I opened the “Common” menu and was flabbergasted. Where did the Documents icon go? Whatever I tried, no Document Icon….   * bummer *

Time to do some old fashioned research.

First step: 
Verify if “Managed Document Locations” wizard set up the relationship between the entity and the SharePoint Document location. Best way to find out is to check if the 1–N relationship exists in the default solution.
As you can see below the entity has two relationships to both SharePoint Document and Document Location. Time for the second step.


Second step:
The relationships exists, that means that there should be a relation we can select in the form designer. I opened the form in design mode, and clicked the Navigation Pane option.
On the left side all items present in the Common menu showed. Then I noticed at the right side (in the Relationship Explorer) that there was a Documents relationship.


From there I dragged the Document relationship and dropped it on the Common menu. Saves the form and published it…

Time for a new test!

I refreshed the form, opened the Common menu and there she was…. the missing Documents icon.


Clicking the Documents icon, resulted in the Documents associated grid to open…


I smell a bug…
This odd behaviour seems to be a bug in CRM online 2016. I was able to reproduce the same behaviour on multiple organizations, and I could repair the functionality using this workaround.
However I noticed that for a number of entities the Documents icon appeared automatically in the Common menu, while in other entities the icon did not appear.
Searching the web learned me that there are a number of users out there facing the same problem: “The case of the missing Document icon!”

Another mystery solved….

2 thoughts on “The case of the missing Documents icon

  1. David R says:

    A note of thanks – we had the same bug on the Account entity with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint online. This got us sorted.

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