Developer 101: I’m looking for a CksDev like tool for CRM 2015. Anyone?

Until now, all of my development work on Microsoft CRM was based on the 2013 and 2011 version. At the moment I’m working on a big project on top of CRM 2015.

Inside Visual Studio I was using CRM Solution Manager. CRM Solution manager helped me adding, updating, deleting and publishing webresources in CRM. Without me having to do full blown imports of solutions. Unfortunately at the moment CRM Solution Manager does not support CRM 2015. A new version is expected within a couple of months.

Which leaves me in the dust…

As an alternative I started usingTelerik’s Fiddler. Instead of publishing the web resources to CRM, I use the autoresponder functionality. The autoresponder functionality allows me to intercept the HTTP traffic between my computer and the CRM development environment. Fiddler serves local resources (html pages, css files and JavaScript files) from the Visual Studio project folder, each time I do a call to a resource on the CRM environment.

As a workaround this scenario is doable but not perfect. Sooner or later I have to update the web resources in CRM by hand (which is time consuming).

Back in the SharePoint world, there was an extension for Visual Studio called CksDev. CksDev would allow you to do quick deployments by doing a smart copy of files and dll’s. From within the extension you were able to attach to the worker processes for debugging your Solution. A nifty tool.

I was wondering – and perhaps you can help me – is there a CksDev like tool out there that works in conjunction with CRM 2015?