Performance Analyser for CRM 2013

One of my collegues notified me about a relative unknown feature in CRM 2013, called the Performance Center, which can be compared to SharePoint’s Developer Dashboard.

The SharePoint dashboard showed us some metrics about the applications we were building. Based on the metrics we knew how to tweak our applications to gain better performance.

The Performance Center was introduced in the on-premise version of CRM 2013 (SP1) and is available in the online version as well.  Once activated you can see how well your page is performing. Helping you to build better performing pages.

Performance center in action

The Performance Center needs to be activated before it can be used. This can be done by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-Q when logged in into CRM. In the screen that pops-up you need to click the Enable button.

Performance center enabling

You can optionally click the Select Major button, the performance results will be returned as text.

After closing the form, you can go to the form you want to analyse. Hit CTRL-SHIFT-Q again and the performance results will show up in the pop-up form.