Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies

A lot of new technologies are emerging: Cloud, IoT, mobility, wearables and the Hololens Microsoft announced this week.  One thing is for sure, we are moving away from traditional computing as we have known for so long. The question that is keeping me busy for weeks, is how we can benefit from all those new technologies in combination with CRM?

Gartner predicts (for what it is worth) that by 2018, 5% of all service calls are conducted by IoT devices. In my vision an IoT device is a small embedded computer inside an appliance. The embedded computer is connected to the internet, conducting all kinds of tasks.
Wow! Can you imagine that your espresso machine is calling the manufacturer for service. That you get informed by your energy supplier that you can save big, based on the information the appliances in your home sent.
This might sound as a far-sought scenario, but this is definetely the direction we are heading to.

Most of us grew up in the information era, where information became one of the most valuable assets. Nowadays we live in a connected era where we are connected 24/7 to the internet, mostly by our mobile phones while on the go. We are getting used to being bombarded with information at any time, at any place. Information is always available.

This week Microsoft announced the Hololens, an augmented reality wearable. The audience got the opportunity to test drive the device, the reaction of the audience was unanimous: “science fiction comes to life!”.


Can you image what impact Hololens could have on the way we can visualize or interact with the data contained in our CRM system. To be able to walk literally around in the data, and slice-and-dice it in real life.

But where do all these new technologies put us? How can we prepare ourselves once the new technologies are available for the big audience? From a software architectural point of view, how can we streamline or unify the way we have to communicate with all the new technologies?

For the short term I see two technologies that we should embrace:

  • Mobility
  • IoT –  Internet of Things

For both Mobility and IoT integration will be an important aspect. How do we collect and process the sensory data, and even better how can we react to it using our CRM systems?

In the meanwhile I will be dreaming about the possibilities of the Hololens, and the way it can change my life ;) .