#IoT: new opportunities on the horizon

In my last post “Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies” I wrote about Gartner’s predictions regarding IoT. About the enormous growth of embedded computers conducting all kinds of tasks, like e.g. making service calls.

At this moment you see tech enthousiast building their own appliances, connected to their companies’ backbone. At his blog Andy Proctor describes how he has built a container handling system in his lorry.

“When we have the container loaded at the customers address we have to phone in and when it’s been unloaded do the same. We also let the office know when we have our shipping container lowered on the trailer or lifted off at the port. This normally means going through the switchboard to an operator and passing him simple information 4-5 times a day (with 50 trucks).  They then update the software and then book the container with the next location, so I’ve automated it…”


As you can see this clever solution is built by a hobbyist programmer with cheap – off the shelve – electronics (as far I can see, the total hardware costs are below €100,-), using Wifi tethering on a smartphone for data communications. * Ingenious! *

In the videp below Andy explains how the solutions works:

The solution saves the company effort, time and money.

With the rise of IoT I see a lot of opportunities to use our CRM systems in a much more efficient way. The rise of IoT will also challenge us –  professional developers –  to come with clever original solutions. Solutions in which we have to combine a large number of technologies like Microsoft.Net, JSON, REST, Python, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, electronics embedded software etc. to build an integrated solution that will help us to get the most out of our CRM systems.


In order to prepare ourselves for the wave of new technologies is to open your self up for all kinds of technologies. Don’t let your self be prisoned by old patterns. Think out-of-the-box! Try to look as a child to the world and use your imagination to solve a problem. Keep asking yourself the question: “What if…”

As I mentioned before exciting times…