Blogging on CRM: What a ride it has been…. A look back and the road ahead!

When I started with this blog I never expected to achieve so much in this amount of time: 6 months of blogging, 50 blog articles, 13.000 unique visitors good for almost 100.000 page views. I’m overwhelmed with that amount of support. Furthermore I got 1 article published in the Dutch SDN managzine and another article on the brim of being published. What a ride it has been!


In this blog article I want to take a look back at the last months and I want to look forward. 

When I look at the all posts page on this site, I see that my focus shifted over time.

It started out with small articles about setting up my environment, some beginner tips on development (in the Development 101 series), some conceptual articles. Later on the articles evolved into larger topics focused on integration.


Frankly, I don’t like the way Dynamics CRM uses SharePoint to store documents. Document are stored in a folder structure and this hurts the search capabilities in SharePoint (article). I a series of articles I developed a SharePoint connector for CRM in which documents could be saved in SharePoint with meta data. Helping SharePoint to find the documents.
The source code on this connector is provided in this article.

IoT – Internet of Things

The announcement of HoloLens and Windows 10 got me really excited (article). Windows 10 supporting the Raspberry Pi2 platform (article). The constant bombardement with news on IoT, triggered me to write a series of articles about connecting Dynamics CRM with the IoT world.
In this article I described a concept in which we can connect in a scalable way our CRM environment in a secure way with millions of IoT devices out there. I tried to implement my gateway principle using BizTalk but I struggled and failed (I still need some help on writing a LOB send adapter, any volunteer?  ).

Protection of Intellectual Property

And more recently a series about the protection of intellectual property. Well known for product developers, probably less known for CRM developers. In this series of articles I showed how easy it is to decompile code and I showed what you can do as developer to protect your work (article).

Where to go from now…

And now, I’m looking forward: In my head so many ideas. Some ideas are pretty wild (MineCraft involved), some ideas are more down to earth…

On the other hand, my time is limited so I need to make a couple of choices.

The last years we saw this dramatic increase of mobile computing. Most of our CRM development/implementation is focused on traditional computing; big screens, fast cpu’s, powerfull browsers, massive amounts of data at our fingertips. I want to turn it the other way around; I’ll dive into the mobile world of CRM to find out what we can do with the mobile CRM client from a developer’s perspective.

In the next weeks you can expect a series about #MobileCRM. I want to find out what I can do with it and how I can tame the little beast.

For now, thank you for following and inspiring me.