#MobileCRM: Exploring the competition – part 6

In my last article I wrote that I was disappointed with the standard Dynamics Mobile CRM client. Frustrated by the lack of customization possibilities, I decided to take a look at the competition out there.
I my last article I mentioned one of the competitors as well: Resco. In this article I’ll take a quick look at what the Resco app has to offer.

Don’t expect a deep dive, this time I’ll describe my first impressions.

Just like the standard Dynamics Mobile client, the Resco app is available for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. For this article, I’ll stick to the Windows Phone version. Buckle up… Let’s go!

Wp_ss_20150518_0002  Wp_ss_20150518_0003  Wp_ss_20150518_0005

When you start the application, you enter the main screen in which you can navigate to the various entities. Initially the app starts with a light theme. In the settings you can change the theme to dark. The app is initially filled with sample (or cached) data. As soon as you press the Sync button (and verify that you want to continue), the data will be pulled from the server and will replace all data you had previously cached.

Because it it the first time I connect, I am asked for my server and credentials.

Wp_ss_20150518_0007  Wp_ss_20150518_0008  Wp_ss_20150518_0015

Once the data is synced, you can browse the entities. I chose accounts and opened up Alpine Ski House. What immediately attracts my attention, is that the buttons blue buttons are big. I can press the buttons and send a mail, do a phone call or send an email. * Nice *

Wp_ss_20150518_0016  Wp_ss_20150518_0017  Wp_ss_20150518_0009

I can swipe the screen to the left or to the right and view all sorts of related info. As soon as I click one the related contacts, the contact’s info is displayed really nicely.
However I cannot see where I came from (in this case “Alpine Ski)”. I went a step back and decided to edit the Alpine Ski account.

In the edit screen, I have the option to call, mail or visit a website by pressing a button and… I can swipe to the left and right to edit the other tabs as well.

Wp_ss_20150518_0010  Wp_ss_20150518_0012  Wp_ss_20150518_0013

One particular cool function, is pressing the action button in the bottom of the screen while in the address edit screen. You’ll get a popup screen in which you can choose to navigate the the address. By pressing the “Navigate To” button, the navigation app on the phone is started. *sweet*

Wp_ss_20150518_0011  Wp_ss_20150518_0014

Furthermore I noticed that the app is supporting both portrait and landscape orientation, which can be handy. Especially when you are a thumb typist and need a bigger keyboard.

So far I really like what I’ve seen. In my next article, I’ll try to find out what I can customize and how I should do that…