#MobileCRM: What about the Tablet version? – part 7

My journey into Mobile CRM has been like a Greek tragedy. From a positive start, to a point from which the Dynamics Mobile app turned out to be a big disappointment and from which the competition did seem to have much better cards. I almost threw the towel, but then I reminded myself that I never came to the point on which I should show the Windows RT version.  Wow…. that turned out to be a total different experience.

There is a huge difference between the tablet version and the phone version. Both the iPad and Windows 8 (RT) offer the tablet experience, while the Windows Phone and Android version offer the phone experience. The Phone version is in my eyes a really crippled version.  If you want to use the Dynamics CRM mobile app, make sure you go for the tablet version.

Tablet experience

In this article I’ll guide you through the Tablet experience.


Schermopname (2)

When starting the tablet app, you are initially asked to enter your server and user credentials.

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Once done, you get a screen in which you are informed that the system is being configurated. This screen will appear each time when you start the app and CRM configuration changed in the meanwhile. If the configuration did not change, then this screen will be hidden. Configuration takes quite a while… once done you start with a full blown home screen.


Schermopname (5)

Swiping to the right… and you even get charts.

Schermopname (6)

Somehow this screen looks familiar…. The home screen is the sales dashboard from the web version.  It turns out that the tablet version is running the normal forms instead of the mobile express forms… And this is what makes my day.


I decided to conduct another test, I went to the accounts section, and located an account I created before.

Schermopname (12)

I opened up the record and decided to change the email address. In one of the previous articles I created an enhanced business rule that would change the name of my account if a specific email address was entered… I decided to give it a shot.


Schermopname (14)

After saving the record (I had to navigate out of the screen using the back arrow and then open the record again) I noticed that the account name had been changed by the business rule.

Schermopname (15)

A class of it’s own

As I said before, the tablet version seems to be a class of it’s own. It cannot be compared to the phone version. I haven’t had the time yet to do a full blown investigation. I will do additional investigation on the tablet version.

  • How customizable is it?
  • How good is the business rule support?
  • Does it support custom scripting?

I don’t know yet, but what I can conclude at this moment is that the tablet version tastes for more.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video which gives me hope that the phone version will be on par in the near future. Once the phone version is on par, I’ll take another dive into it. In the meanwhile I will be experimenting with the tablet version.