#IoT2CRM: Inspired by TechDays NL – The machines take over!

Last week I attended TechDays 2015, a two day developers conference with over 200 technical sessions at the World Forum in The Hague (Netherlands). For sure I can tell Microsoft is breaking new ground.  I see a Microsoft, totally different from the Microsoft I used to know.

  • Open Source
    GIT, opening up parts of the .NET framework, participate with the Open Source community.
  • Cross Platform development
    IoS, Android, Linux, OSX.
  • IoT
    Support for all popular platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino).
  • Cloud
    New features to the Azure Platform to facilitate Cross Platform, Mobility and IoT.

At the conference you felt the excitement and promise of the upcoming release of Windows 10.

During the keynote, one thing became really clear. IoT –  the world is changing at a dramatic speed. Machines are going to take over the internet. The Internet of Things is the next big wave, and I really believe this wave will be bigger than all previous waves.

Machines (Things) are going to communicate with each other, and this is where we can make money by opening up our CRM systems. Let me explain this to you.


The Machines take over

At this moment you see the Internet of Things evolving. All kinds of devices are getting hooked up to the internet in order to serve their owner (e.g. webcams for remote surveillance, all kinds of sensors like fire or movement detection). It will be just a matter of time that the Things will starting to communicate with each other, to exchange data to become much more efficient and much better in serving us.

When this amount of data is collected, technologies like Machine Learning will allow the Things to draw specific conclusions.

Now this is where it becomes really interesting. Instead of just observing or controlling, Things will be able to order parts, supplies or even a replacement for their owners.

Picture this: 

Out there, there is a “community” of Things exchanging information. Information about usage, materials used. Your Thing is member of that community. Your Thing asks for recommendations about usage and materials. The community gives a recommendation. Your Thing starts to search to find a discount, and orders the supplies needed.

Given an other scenario:

Your Thing is having problems and asks the community for a recommendation. The community informs your Thing that it is about to break down. Your Things orders its replacement.

Science Fiction?

Nope! We are entering this era in Information Technology. Within now and a couple of years the scenario’s described are the new reality.

We need to prepare our CRM systems to deal with this reality. CRM needs to be hooked up to the internet in order to handle the incoming requests from the Things.

This requires a new way of thinking. Next to the functionality and the human interface, we also need to pay a great deal of attention to set up a machine interface. The machine interface (API) will be the new way in which we can make money.

Find a way to facilitate Things to place their orders at our companies, or to use our service departments for their repairs. That is where the money will be in the years to come.

Food for Thought!