Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies

A lot of new technologies are emerging: Cloud, IoT, mobility, wearables and the Hololens Microsoft announced this week.  One thing is for sure, we are moving away from traditional computing as we have known for so long. The question that is keeping me busy for weeks, is how we can benefit from all those new technologies […]

A better SharePoint connector – part 2

In my search for a better CRM – SharePoint connector, I described in the previous article that an idea popped up while running. In a nutshell the connector is going to store documents inside SharePoint without letting the user notice that the documents are not stored within CRM. I made the assumption that documents are stored as attachments in annotations […]

A better SharePoint connector – part 1

Last week, I described how CRM’s standard SharePoint connector hurts SharePoint (http://journeyintocrm.com/archives/148). Since then I’ve been intrigued by finding a better way of connecting CRM and SharePoint. This articles describes the first step in the design of a of a better connector. The connector I’m going to create is a proof of concept. In the articles […]

Why CRM’s standard SharePoint integration hurts SharePoint!

Since 2005 I’ve been heavy involved in SharePoint consulting, development and administration. One of the strongest aspects of SharePoint is its document management capabilities. When I started focussing on Microsoft CRM I was really amazed by the poor integration between CRM and SharePoint. I seriously wondered if the development teams at Microsoft have spoken to each other. The […]

ALM for CRM: Solution strategies

Coming from SharePoint, solutions are not new to me. In fact it was the only good way in SharePoint to distribute your functionality across servers. In SharePoint building a solution was a tedious task; tons of XML to write, custom event receivers (on premise), solution scopes, dependencies, etc. When I was introduced to solutions in […]

Hello world

I’m glad you found this blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I’ve been fulltime involved in professional software development since 1995 as an employee of several software companies and as freelancer. Since 2001 I’ve been specializing myself in the nobel art of Microsoft .NET development. As of 2005 I […]