Using CRM from an external website – part 6: Unauthorized! – L’histoire se répète

L’histoire se répète is a french expression which expresses that bad things happen again and again. Right now I’m working on a small demo in which I intend to demonstrate how you can use javascript and knockout.js to embed Dynamics CRM functionality in an external website. It started out pretty well. I started with a […]

Hardcore CRM: Do a major upgrade of a plugin version!

isclaimer / Warning / Attention: This is not a task that you’ll conduct frequently. This task only makes sense if you are doing product  development in which you want to make an explicit difference between versions.This procedure might wreck  your CRM solution…My warning didn’t scare you away? Please, join in, buckle up! Time for some serious […]

#IoT2CRM: Inspired by TechDays NL – The machines take over!

Last week I attended TechDays 2015, a two day developers conference with over 200 technical sessions at the World Forum in The Hague (Netherlands). For sure I can tell Microsoft is breaking new ground.  I see a Microsoft, totally different from the Microsoft I used to know. Open Source GIT, opening up parts of the […]

#MobileCRM: A Deeper dive into the Tablet version – part 8

In my last article I discussed the tablet version of the Dynamics Mobile App, which turned out to be a world of difference compared to the phone version. I was pleasantly surpised with the tablet version because I was able to use more functionality of Dynamics CRM compared to the crippled phone version. Too bad, Microsoft […]

#Build2015: Exciting times ahead

Today I planned to continue on my #MobileCRM journey and write a new article in the series, but then this afternoon my eye fell on the Tweetdeck I’m running in the background. My timeline was flooded with all kinds of exciting news from #Build: The most important Microsoft Conference this year. For those who don’t […]

Enhanced Business Rules: Houston we have a problem!

Since January our company is building a new solution on Dynamics CRM 2015. A very complex application to solve complex problems for large enterprises, and that can be hosted on both CRM online and CRM 2015 on-premise. Within this solution we are relying on the enhanced business rules that were introduced in CRM 2015. In my […]