#IoT2CRM: Inspired by TechDays NL – The machines take over!

Last week I attended TechDays 2015, a two day developers conference with over 200 technical sessions at the World Forum in The Hague (Netherlands). For sure I can tell Microsoft is breaking new ground.  I see a Microsoft, totally different from the Microsoft I used to know. Open Source GIT, opening up parts of the […]

#MobileCRM: A Deeper dive into the Tablet version – part 8

In my last article I discussed the tablet version of the Dynamics Mobile App, which turned out to be a world of difference compared to the phone version. I was pleasantly surpised with the tablet version because I was able to use more functionality of Dynamics CRM compared to the crippled phone version. Too bad, Microsoft […]

#MobileCRM: Exploring the competition – part 6

In my last article I wrote that I was disappointed with the standard Dynamics Mobile CRM client. Frustrated by the lack of customization possibilities, I decided to take a look at the competition out there. I my last article I mentioned one of the competitors as well: Resco. In this article I’ll take a quick look at what […]