#Crm2Crm – part 3: Replication basics 2

Last time I described the concept of a simple one way replication pattern. In this pattern each time an entity record is added, modified or deleted a message is written in a message entity. The message pump will process the messages within the message entity in the order they arrived in the message entity (First […]

#Crm2Crm – part 2: Replication basics 1

In the previous article I described how I got sparked to investigate how I can create a bi-directional replication scenario in which I can synchronize data back and forth between entities. For the sake of simplicity I’ll focus initially in synchronizing the data within a sinlge CRM organization. Later on I will describe how we can set up […]

#Crm2Crm – part 1: To replicate or not to replicate, that’s the question

Recently I switched jobs and joined a small innovate company. One of my first assignments  inspired me to write this blog article. I was asked to write a report for a client, on measures that could be taken to guarantee continuity with regard to the use of CRM in case of a long term internet outage. The […]