Developer 101: speed up Javascript development

Writing Javascript within CRM can be a tedious task. The script editor Dynamics CRM is offering is nothing more than a multi line textbox with tiny characters. No color coding, syntax highlighting and other things that can make your life so great. Most developers avoid the Dynamics CRM script editor like the plague, and seek their […]

The dark side of CRM: protection of intellectual property – final part 4

In this series I demonstrated how your compiled .NET code could be decompiled, using free to get decompilers. I showed an example of the SharePoint connector class which I decompiled, revealing all technical details. In this final article in this series, I demonstrate how you can apply obfuscation to make your code impossible to decompile. […]

The dark side of CRM: protection of intellectual property – part 3

In this series of articles, I want to show how you can protect your intellectual property. In the previous article I demonstrated that compiling your binary doesn’t protect your code from being read by outsiders. With the help of decompilers, we reverse engineered the binary into human readable code. In the next (part 4) and final article […]

The dark side of CRM: protection of intellectual property – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the dark side of CRM. In the previous article I scattered your view on the world: People are not always willing to pay for your labour. However as developers, we can fight back and make it very hard to decompile our intellectual property. That’s rights, we are going to talk […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – Dive into BizTalk – part 1

BizTalk is up and running, CRM is in place, the Raspberry Pi is waiting to get in action. I’m finding my way back in BizTalk. This week I spend a great amount of my time on reading about BizTalk. In my previous article  I described what I intended to build in the first place, the BizTalk variant of the […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – BizTalk, we meet again….

In my previous article, I mentioned that I would try to set up the gateway between the IoT world and Dynamics CRM using real integration products. The products that I intended to use were Microsoft BizTalk 2013 and Neuron ESB. So far so good, I’ve set up a new integration environment using Windows Server 2012, SQL […]

Developer 101: Help! My managed solution cannot be uninstalled…

At the moment we are developing a new CRM 2015 solution. We are using multiple staging environments: some for development, some for testing, some for integration testing and so on. When we are delevering a solution for integration testing, we deliver it as a managed solution. This way we can predict what the solution finally will […]

Developer 101: I’m looking for a CksDev like tool for CRM 2015. Anyone?

Until now, all of my development work on Microsoft CRM was based on the 2013 and 2011 version. At the moment I’m working on a big project on top of CRM 2015. Inside Visual Studio I was using CRM Solution Manager. CRM Solution manager helped me adding, updating, deleting and publishing webresources in CRM. Without […]

Development 101: CRM and Continuous integration – C# Helper class

Yesterday I asked for some advice regarding Continuous Integration. @RajYRaman tweeted me and provided a link to the xRMCIFramework on CodePlex. * Kudos * Today I had the opportunity to look at the framework and I’m pretty impressed with it. I was discussing with a collegue whether we should embed the framework with the automated script runner […]