Using CRM from an external website – intro

Tonight I was helping someone in the Dynamics community forums. He was looking for a way to integrate a drupal environment with Dynamics CRM. I was able to help the person by handing him a couple of links. Combining the links might result in a solution. Helping him out, I thought of the blog posts I’ve written […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – Defeated by BizTalk – part 5

The last weeks I’ve been facinated by integrating IoT devices with Dynamics CRM. I was dreaming about millions of devices contacting my CRM environment bringing it down to it’s knees. I came up with a simple but high performing gateway, being able to serve as a scalable abstraction layer behind which I could hide my […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – Dive into BizTalk – part 3

Yay.. Today I installed BizTalk 2013 R2 (just to be sure) and made some good progress. In the previous article I ran into a massive wall. Now I figured out why and I’ll explain to you where I went wrong. It started all with the URL I was passing into BizTalk: http://dev-bvdsande.devzone.local:8080/iot2crm/service1.svc/?deviceId=rpi&deviceType=11&errorCode=xx&errorMessage=oops I configured BizTalk to listen to a POST […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – Dive into BizTalk – part 1

BizTalk is up and running, CRM is in place, the Raspberry Pi is waiting to get in action. I’m finding my way back in BizTalk. This week I spend a great amount of my time on reading about BizTalk. In my previous article  I described what I intended to build in the first place, the BizTalk variant of the […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – BizTalk, we meet again….

In my previous article, I mentioned that I would try to set up the gateway between the IoT world and Dynamics CRM using real integration products. The products that I intended to use were Microsoft BizTalk 2013 and Neuron ESB. So far so good, I’ve set up a new integration environment using Windows Server 2012, SQL […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway

In the #IoT2CRM: Time to get connected articles, I implemented a scenario in which I connected a Raspberry Pi to Dynamics CRM. The scenario was built on a tight budget and resulted in a custom scalable, extendable and secure gateway implemented in C# with just a couple of lines of code. In the final lines of the last […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 1: Intro

In my previous article “How to integrate #IoT and CRM?”, I sketched a scenario in which we have our CRM system connected via a gateway to the internet; facilitating inbound communications for IoT devices. I believe that in the next couple of years appliances, tools, vehicles etc (further referred as: devices) will become much more intelligent. The […]

How to integrate #IoT and CRM?

The more I learn about the Internet of Things, the more enthousiastic I become. The software architect in me is already thinking about scenarios in which IoT devices connect to my CRM environment. As the world becomes more and more hybrid, we have more and more questions to answer: Are we operating from an on-premise environment? Are we […]