Using CRM from an external website – part 3: Stage one “Web API”

Ya mas! It has been over two weeks since I posted the last article in this series. As I mentioned before it is hard to stay focused while enjoying the summer ans spending holidays with your family on a beach in Greece. My ultimate goal is to integrate Dynamics CRM in an external website. This […]

Using CRM from an external website – part 2: research

Summer season is always a hard season to spend time behind your computer, the tempation of relaxing and spending time with your family and friends is big. But then guilt and curiousity win and I crawl back to my computer… In the intro article, I drew a scenario that I want to implement. I want […]

Using CRM from an external website – intro

Tonight I was helping someone in the Dynamics community forums. He was looking for a way to integrate a drupal environment with Dynamics CRM. I was able to help the person by handing him a couple of links. Combining the links might result in a solution. Helping him out, I thought of the blog posts I’ve written […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway – Dive into BizTalk – part 3

Yay.. Today I installed BizTalk 2013 R2 (just to be sure) and made some good progress. In the previous article I ran into a massive wall. Now I figured out why and I’ll explain to you where I went wrong. It started all with the URL I was passing into BizTalk: http://dev-bvdsande.devzone.local:8080/iot2crm/service1.svc/?deviceId=rpi&deviceType=11&errorCode=xx&errorMessage=oops I configured BizTalk to listen to a POST […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 5: Rise of the devices!

It almost sounds like a new Terminator movie. 2015–02–24 is the day the devices came alive…. They started the broadcast… Hmmz… It’s is not that dramatic, but last night I managed to get the whole train running. In this final article I’ll describe the setup and my thoughts about the proof of concept I built. […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 3: The gateway awakes

It has been a quite hectic week, the CRM project I’m working on is consuming almost all of my time. In the meanwhile I’ve been working on the IoT gateway and it is coming along As I mentioned in my previous post, the gateway is going to be divided into two parts, the Web API controller […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 2: Concepts of the Gateway

In the article #IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 1: Intro, I wrote about writing a demo scenario in which I would connect multiple Raspberry Pi’s to Dynamics CRM. In the scenario I described, I mentioned a gateway. This article will describe the concepts behind the gateway, in my opinion the most important part […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 8: Finally!

This article is the last in the series of the hunt for a better SharePoint Connector. It has been quite a rough journey. In the previous article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers” I described the remaining functionality I had to implement. This article will describe the functionality you have to implement in order […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers

In the previous 6 articles in this series, I implemented a SharePoint class library. This managed class library can be used to connect to either SharePoint online  and to the on-premise version of SharePoint 2013 without using any native SharePoint libraries. In the article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!” […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!

It has been a quite rough ride, SharePoint turned out to be a relative of the Lernaean Hydra. Each time you thought you defeated her, a new head popped up and the battle started all over again. I finally know what Heracles must have felt once he defeated the hydra for once and for all. […]