Plug-ins 101: Simplifying plug-in development – part 4

The nuts I mentioned in my last article have been cracked.  Instead of having to resort to reflection and other complexity, the solution turns out to be simple and elegant usage of object orientation. It involved a lot of thinking. The idea I was carrying around was to implement a generic abstraction layer around the IPlugin […]

Plug-ins 101: Simplifying plug-in development – part 2

In my last article I mentioned that I’m going to write a framework that will simplify the way you can develop plug-ins on Dynamics CRM by taking out the angle of plug-in development. That way you can focus on your business functionality instead of having to focus on technical stuff. To understand how plug-ins work, […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 4: Dispatcher completes the gateway

In this series of articles I’m writing about my experiences in connecting IoT devices to Dynamics CRM. In the previous article, I implemented the Web API controller within the gateway which enabled collecting and persisting the messages the IoT devices are sending. The Web API Controller is only half of the gateway. In this article I […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 8: Finally!

This article is the last in the series of the hunt for a better SharePoint Connector. It has been quite a rough journey. In the previous article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers” I described the remaining functionality I had to implement. This article will describe the functionality you have to implement in order […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers

In the previous 6 articles in this series, I implemented a SharePoint class library. This managed class library can be used to connect to either SharePoint online  and to the on-premise version of SharePoint 2013 without using any native SharePoint libraries. In the article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!” […]

Development 101: Note to self – PostRetrieveMultiple behaviour in PlugIn

Last week I was working on an integration project where I had to integrate SharePoint Online and CRM Online. Today my project manager approached me and told me that the connector I wrote was not working as expected. The job of the connector was to show a list of documents inside a portal. Some of […]

A better SharePoint connector – part 2

In my search for a better CRM – SharePoint connector, I described in the previous article that an idea popped up while running. In a nutshell the connector is going to store documents inside SharePoint without letting the user notice that the documents are not stored within CRM. I made the assumption that documents are stored as attachments in annotations […]