#MobileCRM: Living in a mobile world…

The world is becoming mobile more and more. We do everything using our mobile phones; social stuff, e-mail, banking, gathering information etc. If we follow this path, we would expect that our users are doing a lot of their CRM stuff on their mobile phones as well. In most cases exact the opposite is true. For some reason we keep on using our […]

The dark side of CRM: protection of intellectual property – final part 4

In this series I demonstrated how your compiled .NET code could be decompiled, using free to get decompilers. I showed an example of the SharePoint connector class which I decompiled, revealing all technical details. In this final article in this series, I demonstrate how you can apply obfuscation to make your code impossible to decompile. […]

The dark side of CRM: protection of intellectual property – part 3

In this series of articles, I want to show how you can protect your intellectual property. In the previous article I demonstrated that compiling your binary doesn’t protect your code from being read by outsiders. With the help of decompilers, we reverse engineered the binary into human readable code. In the next (part 4) and final article […]

#IoT2CRM: Alternatives for the gateway

In the #IoT2CRM: Time to get connected articles, I implemented a scenario in which I connected a Raspberry Pi to Dynamics CRM. The scenario was built on a tight budget and resulted in a custom scalable, extendable and secure gateway implemented in C# with just a couple of lines of code. In the final lines of the last […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 4: Dispatcher completes the gateway

In this series of articles I’m writing about my experiences in connecting IoT devices to Dynamics CRM. In the previous article, I implemented the Web API controller within the gateway which enabled collecting and persisting the messages the IoT devices are sending. The Web API Controller is only half of the gateway. In this article I […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 2: Concepts of the Gateway

In the article #IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 1: Intro, I wrote about writing a demo scenario in which I would connect multiple Raspberry Pi’s to Dynamics CRM. In the scenario I described, I mentioned a gateway. This article will describe the concepts behind the gateway, in my opinion the most important part […]

#IoT2CRM: Time to get connected – part 1: Intro

In my previous article “How to integrate #IoT and CRM?”, I sketched a scenario in which we have our CRM system connected via a gateway to the internet; facilitating inbound communications for IoT devices. I believe that in the next couple of years appliances, tools, vehicles etc (further referred as: devices) will become much more intelligent. The […]