How to integrate #IoT and CRM?

The more I learn about the Internet of Things, the more enthousiastic I become. The software architect in me is already thinking about scenarios in which IoT devices connect to my CRM environment. As the world becomes more and more hybrid, we have more and more questions to answer: Are we operating from an on-premise environment? Are we […]

#IoT: Microsoft announces a Raspberry Pi version of Windows 10

For those who missed it… Windows 10 will be coming to the Raspberry Pi 2. You might think: “Who cares? I’m in the xRM business!” In my blog article “Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies” I wrote about the rise of the Internet of Things and the way it might be affecting us […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 8: Finally!

This article is the last in the series of the hunt for a better SharePoint Connector. It has been quite a rough journey. In the previous article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers” I described the remaining functionality I had to implement. This article will describe the functionality you have to implement in order […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers

In the previous 6 articles in this series, I implemented a SharePoint class library. This managed class library can be used to connect to either SharePoint online  and to the on-premise version of SharePoint 2013 without using any native SharePoint libraries. In the article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!” […]

Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies

A lot of new technologies are emerging: Cloud, IoT, mobility, wearables and the Hololens Microsoft announced this week.  One thing is for sure, we are moving away from traditional computing as we have known for so long. The question that is keeping me busy for weeks, is how we can benefit from all those new technologies […]

Performance Analyser for CRM 2013

One of my collegues notified me about a relative unknown feature in CRM 2013, called the Performance Center, which can be compared to SharePoint’s Developer Dashboard. The SharePoint dashboard showed us some metrics about the applications we were building. Based on the metrics we knew how to tweak our applications to gain better performance. The Performance Center […]