Development 101: Note to self – PostRetrieveMultiple behaviour in PlugIn

Last week I was working on an integration project where I had to integrate SharePoint Online and CRM Online. Today my project manager approached me and told me that the connector I wrote was not working as expected. The job of the connector was to show a list of documents inside a portal. Some of […]

Integrating CRM Online and SharePoint Online: I need a hammer!

Last week I have been working on a project in which I had to integrate SharePoint Online within CRM Online. I was excited because I had to enrich data in CRM with data stored in SharePoint. Both running on line When I started I thought that it was going to be a fairly simple job, as Microsoft […]

A better SharePoint connector – part 2

In my search for a better CRM – SharePoint connector, I described in the previous article that an idea popped up while running. In a nutshell the connector is going to store documents inside SharePoint without letting the user notice that the documents are not stored within CRM. I made the assumption that documents are stored as attachments in annotations […]

A better SharePoint connector – part 1

Last week, I described how CRM’s standard SharePoint connector hurts SharePoint ( Since then I’ve been intrigued by finding a better way of connecting CRM and SharePoint. This articles describes the first step in the design of a of a better connector. The connector I’m going to create is a proof of concept. In the articles […]

Development 101: Note to self – Plugin versioning

Today I finished developing a plugin. As the new plugin was part of a project containing more plugins, I updated the version number in the AssemblyInfo.cs from to I compiled the solution, ran ILMerge and fired up the plugin registration tool. I connected to my environment, picked the existing plugin assmbly and performed the upgrade […]

Dilemma: Where do I store my custom settings?

This week I was developing a plugin that needed to retrieve information from an external system. As the solution in which the plugin is running has to be deployed on a different environment I didn’t want to hard code the connection settings in my solution. As far as I can see there are three options to store custom […]

Why CRM’s standard SharePoint integration hurts SharePoint!

Since 2005 I’ve been heavy involved in SharePoint consulting, development and administration. One of the strongest aspects of SharePoint is its document management capabilities. When I started focussing on Microsoft CRM I was really amazed by the poor integration between CRM and SharePoint. I seriously wondered if the development teams at Microsoft have spoken to each other. The […]