A better SharePoint Connector – part 8: Finally!

This article is the last in the series of the hunt for a better SharePoint Connector. It has been quite a rough journey. In the previous article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers” I described the remaining functionality I had to implement. This article will describe the functionality you have to implement in order […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 7: leftovers

In the previous 6 articles in this series, I implemented a SharePoint class library. This managed class library can be used to connect to either SharePoint online  and to the on-premise version of SharePoint 2013 without using any native SharePoint libraries. In the article “A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!” […]

#IoT: new opportunities on the horizon

In my last post “Exciting times – the bombardment with new technologies” I wrote about Gartner’s predictions regarding IoT. About the enormous growth of embedded computers conducting all kinds of tasks, like e.g. making service calls. At this moment you see tech enthousiast building their own appliances, connected to their companies’ backbone. At his blog […]

Developer 101: I’m looking for a CksDev like tool for CRM 2015. Anyone?

Until now, all of my development work on Microsoft CRM was based on the 2013 and 2011 version. At the moment I’m working on a big project on top of CRM 2015. Inside Visual Studio I was using CRM Solution Manager. CRM Solution manager helped me adding, updating, deleting and publishing webresources in CRM. Without […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 6: The SharePoint class library is born!

It has been a quite rough ride, SharePoint turned out to be a relative of the Lernaean Hydra. Each time you thought you defeated her, a new head popped up and the battle started all over again. I finally know what Heracles must have felt once he defeated the hydra for once and for all. […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 5: The beauty of complexity

The SharePoint Connector is coming along pretty well. The basic functionality has been implemented. At the moment I can Add a new file, download it and delete it afterwards. What remains to be done is storing the accompanying meta data with the document. This is actually the hardest part in the development of the connector. […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 4: why is she so hard to get?

The development of the SharePoint connector is coming along. At the moment I’m working on adding files to a SharePoint document library using REST. SharePoint is a tough lady who’s playing hard to get! *Did I hear: CHALLENGE?* Adding a document usign the REST interface involves multiple REST calls. SharePoint does have to know all […]

A better SharePoint Connector – part 3

It has been a bit quiet around the development of a better CRM / SharePoint Connector. Today I had the opportunity to write some testing code. The hard part in the development is the REST connectivity. In my article “Integrating CRM Online and SharePoint Online: I need a hammer!” I posted some helper classes that facilitated the […]

Development 101: CRM and Continuous integration – C# Helper class

Yesterday I asked for some advice regarding Continuous Integration. @RajYRaman tweeted me and provided a link to the xRMCIFramework on CodePlex. * Kudos * Today I had the opportunity to look at the framework and I’m pretty impressed with it. I was discussing with a collegue whether we should embed the framework with the automated script runner […]