Hardcore CRM: Do a major upgrade of a plugin version!

isclaimer / Warning / Attention: This is not a task that you’ll conduct frequently. This task only makes sense if you are doing product  development in which you want to make an explicit difference between versions.This procedure might wreck  your CRM solution…My warning didn’t scare you away? Please, join in, buckle up! Time for some serious […]

Using CRM from an external website – part 2: research

Summer season is always a hard season to spend time behind your computer, the tempation of relaxing and spending time with your family and friends is big. But then guilt and curiousity win and I crawl back to my computer… In the intro article, I drew a scenario that I want to implement. I want […]

A terrible catch when ordering data using FetchXML

At the moment we are finishing up a product for CRM 2015 we have been developing over the last 7 months. As with most large software development projects, the last period is spent on stabilizing the product. In our product we are using batch functionality. In this batch functionality we do calculations based on the data […]

Using CRM from an external website – intro

Tonight I was helping someone in the Dynamics community forums. He was looking for a way to integrate a drupal environment with Dynamics CRM. I was able to help the person by handing him a couple of links. Combining the links might result in a solution. Helping him out, I thought of the blog posts I’ve written […]

Plug-ins 101: Simplifying plug-in development – part 4

The nuts I mentioned in my last article have been cracked.  Instead of having to resort to reflection and other complexity, the solution turns out to be simple and elegant usage of object orientation. It involved a lot of thinking. The idea I was carrying around was to implement a generic abstraction layer around the IPlugin […]

Plug-ins 101: Simplifying plug-in development – part 2

In my last article I mentioned that I’m going to write a framework that will simplify the way you can develop plug-ins on Dynamics CRM by taking out the angle of plug-in development. That way you can focus on your business functionality instead of having to focus on technical stuff. To understand how plug-ins work, […]