#CRMVisualSchema – part 5: Launch of the plug-in for XrmToolBox

Almost 2 months after I started this series of articles, I’m proud to announce that the 1.0 version of the Entity Relation Diagram Creator plug-in is downloadable through the XrmToolBox Plugin Store. The purpose of the Entity Relation Diagram Creator plug-in is to create a visual image representing an Entity Relation Diagram. The image can be […]

Hardcore CRM: Birth of a C# CRM code generator

Almost year ago I started this blog. Today I’m writing the 100th article on this blog. For me this is a moment worth celebrating. Looking back at last year, I dug up some statistics on JourneyIntoCRM.com that I want to share with you: 1 year of blogging 1 Blogger drinking at least 34 litres of coffee while […]

Blogging on CRM: What a ride it has been…. A look back and the road ahead!

When I started with this blog I never expected to achieve so much in this amount of time: 6 months of blogging, 50 blog articles, 13.000 unique visitors good for almost 100.000 page views. I’m overwhelmed with that amount of support. Furthermore I got 1 article published in the Dutch SDN managzine and another article on the brim of […]